In QuickBooks, the transactions with an online bank or credit card get automatically downloaded. In case the user is finding it difficult to receive the latest transactions or facing any related  issue than there are higher chances that there is some error that has occurred with in the Bank feed preventing the user to receve the latest transaction detail. If you are facing this bank error and you are not able to download the bank transactions then you can either get in touch with the QuickBooks Technical support service that consists of highly experiende experts or you can perform the steps mentioned further in this article that will help you out in fixing this problem manually. You can also visit the download bank feed transactions section to get basic steps on how to download transactions from QuickBooks.

How To Manually Fix Banking Error?

Following are the steps that you can perform to fix the banking errors in QB desktop:

Step 1- download your latest transactions manually:

In case you are not able to download the transaction beacuse it is getting cancelled frequently or you just want to download the transactions then you need to perform the steps given below:

  • Go to QuickBooks, then in the main menu select banking option
  • Select transactions and then click on the update.

By performing these steps your every bank and credit card accounts will be updated automatically. Follow the onscreen prompts to  get any additional authentication that might require. This is optional for all  banks.

While updating the process you can continue working on the QuickBooks company file simultaneously and you should receive a notification once the the update is completed and if the new transactions have been downloaded by the QB then the number of transactions will be increased in the blue account.

At 10PM PT your latest transactions are downloaded in QuickBooks as mostly the banks send transactions to quickBooks for  downloading it a day after they post to the bank.  

Step 2: Check your bank’s website

Slow download can also be a result of some issues occurring at your bank level. You are required to log into your bank account to check it. 

First, get the URL from QuickBooks:

From the Banking menu or Transactions menu.

ChooseAdd Account. (No account will be added, you will just require the listed URL).

Search for your bank and select it.

Copy the URL listed in the window.

Log into your bank account using correct username and password. Note: Ensure that your Financial Institution is listed in QuickBooks Desktop.

If you have successfully logged into the bank account, you have done half of your task.

Go through your account messages, notifications, or alerts. If you get any prompt or any sign in issue shows up, there are chances that QuickBooks Desktop can block latest transactions.

Look out for any announcement on your bank’s website regarding new security requirements.

Now, run QuickBooks and from the Banking menu, go to Transactions.

Choose the blue tile for the bank account.

Click on Update.

If you make changes on your bank’s website, update your bank info in QuickBooks

If any update is done on your bank’s website, such as the account number, username, or password

Click on the blue type for the bank account. Click on Edit ✎ icon to make changes.

Click on Edit sign-in info.

Make required changes to the info and save.

Step 3: Fix specific banking errors

There are several QuickBooks errors associated with bank feeds. These errors may occur while downloading new bank transactions. You can go through the following linked articles to get solution for these errors:

Error 102 and 105

Error 103

Error 106

Error 324

Error 185

Note: You can also report these errors to notify us regarding it. This will allow us to fix the problem at our end.

Technical Help For QuickBooks Banking Errors

The provided solutions should help you in getting rid of the QuickBooks Bank Transaction Won’t Download or any other banking error in QuickBooks. These solutions can also be performed to resolve QuickBooks OL & OLSU Errors. However, if you are still not able to resolve the issue on your own or you require technical assistance, feel free to get connected with our QuickBooks ProAdvisors. You just need to dial our toll-free QuickBooks Support Phone Number +1800-366-1468 to get an instant solution for all your errors and issues.

What To Do If You See A Bank Error Or Bank Transactions Won’t Download

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