QuickBooks provides multiple Email options for sending and receiving reports, invoices, Sales Data etc. You can customize the Email Services by choosing one of the following: QuickBooks Mail, Webmail, and Outlook. Users have reported that sometimes they get a pop-up on their screen which reads”Outlook Is Not An Option In QuickBooks Send Forms Preferences”. Read this article to understand why this is happening and also how to solve it.


1) Your QuickBooks version is not compatible with Outlook.

2) The Outlook version you are using is outdated.

3) Outlook is not selected as your default Email.

4) Your QuickBooks Profile does not support Outlook.

5) Outlook is not selected as your default Email in the Internet Explorer.

6) Outlook is not integrated with your QuickBooks or it is not synced.

How To Resolve The QuickBooks Outlook Issue?

Solution 1: Set Outlook as Your Default Email Program

If you are using a QuickBooks version which was released in 2007 or earlier, navigate into the Tools section of your QuickBooks and then Options. Click on another tab and select General Settings. Now, set Outlook as the default program for Email.

If you are using a Quickbooks version which was released after 2008, go into the File section. Navigate to the Options menu. Go into the startup section and click on the checkbox “Make Outlook the default program for Email, Contact, and Calendar.”

Solution 2: Verify If Outlook is Compatible With Your System

If the first solution did not work for you, follow this solution. Open the help section of your Outlook and find out the version of Outlook installed on your computer by going into the About section.

You can also find out the version of your Outlook by clicking on the Outlook ribbon in your QuickBooks. Once you know the version of your Outlook, you can find out whether it is compatible with your system or not.

Solution 3: Editing Your Mail Profile

To edit your Mail Profile first you have to exit your QuickBooks.Now, press the windows key on your keyboard and go into Control Panel. Search for Email Setup and click on the first result. You will get the choice to select a profile which you want to link. Click on the “Always Use This” option. Now, open your QuickBooks and check if the mail is working.

Solution 4: Configuring WIN.INI File

If none of the above-given solutions worked for you, check the WIN.INI file on your computer. In order to do this, press the windows key and enter C:\Windows\ in the search bar. Locate the WIN.INI file and copy and paste it in a different location to create a backup for the file.

After you are done with this open the WIN.INI file and add a new mail section. To do that you have to add these points to the file:




Save the newly made changes and then close the file. Exit your QuickBooks and then reopen it and check the Form preferences in the Edit section of your QuickBooks.

This should resolve the Outlook problem. However, if the error seems to persist on your QuickBooks, immediately contact the QuickBooks Support Team by dialing the toll-free number 1888-380-2330

What To Do If Outlook is Not Listed in QuickBooks Send Forms Preferences?

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