QuickBooks Point of Sale is renowned retail accounting software with numerous tools and features. It enables you to automate the mundane and repeating daily tasks for your business and allows you to do more. If you want to save time and increase the overall work efficiency, then get QuickBooks POS now. But you should be know that sometimes QB POS runs into errors like the QuickBooks POS Error 11004. This error is categorized as a Socket error, and you should definitely not take it lightly as it can cause data damage.

In this article, we will be discussing all the aspects of this error in detail. So let’s get started.

The QB error 11004 pops-up on your screen when you are trying to process a credit card payment or settle the credit card batch when you are finished with work. Usually, this error is triggered to appear on your screen because of weak or unstable internet connectivity. Check your internet connection by opening a different website, and if your internet connection is stable, then keep reading this article to learn how you can resolve this error. You can also get assistance from the QuickBooks Experts of errorsupportnumber, which is the leading QuickBooks Tech Support provider based in the USA. Call the support team by dialing their toll-free QuickBooks POS Support Phone Number +1800-366-1468.

How To Fix The QuickBooks Socket Error 11004?

Before moving on to the solutions for this error follow these simple troubleshooting steps and check if the error is resolved.

  • Rebooting the computer can sometimes fix socket errors.
  • Restart your internet router and ask your internet provider to check the internet speed.
  • Check if the date and time on your computer are correct. If not, change them to the current date and time.
  • Check if you have access to secure web pages.

If the error is still not fixed, then start implementing the solutions given below.

Solution 1: Verify Your Internet Connection Settings

Verify The POS Communication Setup

  • Open the QuickBooks POS on your screen.
  • Go to the File menu and click on the Preferences option and then choose Company.
  • Head to Merchant & Gift Services > Communication Setup
  • Follow the instructions which appear on your screen.
  • Select Change to this computer
  • Finally, select Save to save the newly made changes and then try again.

Configure Your Communication Setup

  • Head to the File menu, click on the Preferences option.
  • Now, select your Company file.
  • Tap on the Merchant & Gift Services option and then choose the Communication Setup option.
  • Choose Internet Connection Setup from the menu.
  • Click on “Use the following connection” and click on other internet connection options.
  • If it already selected, then change it to “use my computer’s internet connection” settings.
  • Click on Next.
  • Finally, click on the Done option.

Solution 2: Refresh The Browser And Select Default Settings. (For IE 8 and later version users)

  • Go to your desktop screen and look for the Internet Explorer icon.
  • Double-click on the icon to open Internet Explorer.
  • Press the ALT key on your keyboard.
  • Go to tools and then choose Internet Option from the drop-down menu.
  • Click on the OK button.

Solution 3: Check Firewall Configuration For POS Credit Card Processing

If a firewall is installed and active on your computer, then verify that eftsvr.exe has complete access to the Internet for incoming and outgoing traffic. Ensure that the port 8443 is open. Now, check if the error 11004 is resolved on your QuickBooks. If it is not, then you may be facing a more complex issue that needs to be taken care of by the QuickBooks Support team.

Get Tech Support For QuickBooks Socket Error 11004

If the solutions given in this article did not help you resolve the socket error 11004 or you have any questions about the steps, then contact the QuickBooks Experts. You can get instant support for any error by reaching out to the errorsupportnumber technical support team. We are the leading independent QuickBooks Tech Support provider based in New Jersey, USA. Call us on our toll-free QuickBooks Support Phone Number +1800-366-1468, and our skilled technical support team will assist you.

You can also reach out to the support team by using the Live Chat Support service available on our website. All you have to do is click on the chat icon and then fill the form with your information and the problem that you are facing with your QuickBooks. Click on the Submit button. Our support executives will call you as soon as possible.

Fix QuickBooks Point Of Sale Socket Error 11004

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