The QuickBooks error that belongs to the folder where the files are stored commonly occurs as QuickBooks Unable To Create Accountant’s Copy. This is error can be a dodgy one for your QuickBooks but can be resolved easily. However, people find it difficult to fix this error because they are usually not following the correct method or find it difficult to get to the correct solution. If you are also facing the same problem then the steps given below can be helpful for you to resolve the error  QuickBooks Unable To Create Accountant’s Copy easily and in no time.

Common Signs of This Error

  • Your QuickBooks Desktop needs to be updated 
  • The long dash that occurs in the Microsoft Word after copying it in your notes cab a reason behind this error. A protected dash can be created by entering two single dashes between the 2 hyphenated words.
  • Your QBW file size is larger than the 200MB size
  • Your internet connection is either slow or is getting interrupted again and again
  • Your firewall settings are preventing the file to get uploaded.
  • Your company data file is either corrupted or damaged.

How to Resolve Unable To Create Account’s Copy Issue

Following are the steps to fix the Unable To Create Account’s Copy Issue:

  • Open the folder that consists QuickBooks file
  • Now right-click on the file and then select Sharing and security in the drop-down list
  • A new dialogue box will open on your screen, go to the permission option.
  • Now to find the current QuickBooks data service click on the Add button, this may vary with every updated version released. Now before creating any accountant’s copy, change the permission setting and give account change, and read permissions.
  • You can now try to create an accountant’s copy but make sure in your file path you don’t have any strange character entered. 

QuickBooks Technical support service:

We hope that by performing the above steps your error QuickBooks Unable To Create Accountant’s Copy has been fixed and you are now able to create the accountant’s copy. You can easily solve this issue by yourself and it is not that difficult but if in case you are having any trouble you can contact the QuickBooks highly experienced Technical support at errorsupportnumber +1800-366-1468 to get your queries resolved instantly.

QuickBooks Is Not Able To Create An Accountant’s Copy

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