QuickBooks is an award-winning business accounting software that allows small and medium business enterprises to streamline and manage their finances with ease and precision. To safely hold and save your company’s financial data and to produce portable files for import and export, the software compresses your company files into file extensions.

Together, there are around 40 file extensions used in QuickBooks, and these file extensions are applicable to all files including Accountant files, Payroll files, Loan Manager Files, QuickBooks working files, and more.

In this article, we have outlined different QuickBooks file extensions and what each of them mean to help you easily create, import, and export data to your colleagues, store it on the cloud, as well as send it for repair in case of data catastrophe.

QuickBooks File Extensions and their Usage

Extensions File Type Description
.DES Quick Books form template This file extension is created when you export a form design from the template list.
.IIF Intuit Interchange Format file You can import/export lists and/or transactions text files using this extension.
.ND Quick Books Network Data File This is a configuration file that allows you to access QuickBooks company file. You should never attempt to delete this configuration file.
.QBA Accountant’s Copy working file When you export your QuickBooks data to your accountant, he must restore and convert the export file to a .QBA extension in order to enter transactions and run reports.
.QBA.TLG Transaction log file
(for Accountant’s Copy)
When you back up your Accountant’s Copy, QuickBooks starts a log of transactions that you’ve entered since the last back up. You can use this transaction log file to recover your data in case of accidental data loss.
.QBB QuickBooks backup file When you back up your company file, QuickBooks saves the backup file with a .QBB extension.
.QBM Quick Books portable company file When you want to e-mail or move a company file, Quick Books creates a compressed version of the company file with a .QBM extension.
.QBR Report template When you export the template for a memorized report, QuickBooks saves the file with a .QBR extension.
.QBW Quick Books for Windows company file When you create a company file, QuickBooks saves the file with a .QBW extension.
.QBX Accountant’s Copy (export file) When you export your QuickBooks data for your accountant to review, QuickBooks creates an Accountant’s Copy with a .QBX extension.
.QBY Accountant’s Copy (import file) When your accountant has finished making changes in an Accountant’s Copy, he provides you with a .QBY file to be imported into your company file.

Need Help with QuickBooks File Extensions?

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