QuickBooks has become an integral part of millions of the business owners across the globe. It has simplifies that most complex thing a new entrepreneur faces and that is accounting. QuickBooks allows you to manage your books efficiently and it allows your business to keep on gaining the profits. However, along with the advantages, QuickBooks also has some drawbacks and the error that occurs in the software is one of them. QuickBooks Error 6105 is a very common error that occurs when you try to open a damaged QuickBooks company file.

QuickBooks Error 6105 is also described as the condense data error and it occurs when you try to access a damaged company data file. You may receive the following error messages when you get this error:

QuickBooks Error: -6105, -1005 during condense. Unspecified error 80004005 or 80004003

Like any other error code from the 6000 error family, QuickBooks Error 6105 is also related to the company file issues. This article will help you in resolving the error code 6105 through maHnual steps so that you can open and work on the QuickBooks company files. You can also connect with us at QuickBooks Support if you want an instant resolution for your QuickBooks issues.

What Are The Causes Of QuickBooks 6105?

Main causes of the QB Error Code 6105 are as given below:

  • Damaged QuickBooks data files
  • Virus or malware has infected the QuickBooks company files
  • The company file in which you are working is not located in your system
  • You are not using QuickBooks with a valid subscription
  • Installation of QuickBooks software was damaged

How To Resolve QuickBooks Error 6105?

  • Restart your computer: Restarting your system and the server can resolve the error easily. You need to check if the QuickBooks is working properly in your system and the computer where the files are hosted is also working properly.
  • Run QuickBooks with Admin rights: Run the QuickBooks with admin rights will stop the program which might be creating hindrance while opening the QuickBooks company file.
    • Close QuickBooks if it already running
    • From your desktop, right click on the QuickBooks icon
    • Select Run as Administrator from the drop-down list
    • Click on Yes on the confirmation message.
  • Basic Troubleshooting: The most general process to resolve the error is copying the affected company file to the desktop of your local computer and then try to access the file. Doing this can resolve the issue because it might be possible that the folder where the file is saved is damaged and changing the location may resolve the issue.
  • Verify and Rebuild the company file: It is an utility which is very affective in resolving the data damage issues in the QuickBooks software. You need to follow the below mentioned steps to verify and rebuild the company file:
    • Open QuickBooks with administrator rights
    • Login to the QuickBooks Desktop using the appropriate user credentials
    • Go to File > Utilities > Verify Data
    • If it shows up the message QuickBooks detected no problem with your data, simply click on OK and go to the next step.
    • If there are some errors identified then you need to click on Rebuild Now and then click on
    • Now rebuild the data by going into File > Utility > Rebuild Data
    • Follow the onscreen prompts and wait for the process to get finished
    • Once the process finishes, restart your system
  • Repair QuickBooks or perform clean installation: The error can also occur due to the malware or virus attack in your system. In such cases, you need to reinstall the QuickBooks software which will remove all the old corrupted data and replace them with new ones.
    • Close QuickBooks and all its related components using the Task manager
    • Open the Control Panel and navigate to the Programs and Features
    • Locate for QuickBooks from the list and select uninstall.
    • Now, perform a clean installation of QuickBooks software using a valid source.
    • Open QuickBooks with Administrator rights.
    • Try to open the company file.

QuickBooks Support For Data Damage Issues

The provided solutions will allow you to resolve the QuickBooks Error 6105 easily. However, if the error is still around and you keep on receiving the same error message then it’s the time when you need to contact the technical support department of Intuit to avail the data recovery services. In order to get the services, you need to dial the toll-free QuickBooks Technical Support Phone Number +1866-227-7717 toll-free.

QuickBooks Error 6105: Fix Company File Errors

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