Number of QuickBooks users have reported the COM error while opening an email, invoice, transaction. You may get the error message QuickBooks COM Crash Error  along with a description. It is a runtime error that randomly occurs, and the QuickBooks software gets crashed without saving your work.

The COM error generally occurs when you try to open a transaction, send a form, print your reports or using email services in QuickBooks. It can be a very harmful error for you as you can lose all your work and data. Keeping that thing in mind, we have provided the solutions to resolve QuickBooks Com Error Crash with manual steps. If you want an instant solution for your issues then you can get in touch with us at our toll-free QuickBooks Enterprise Support Phone Number +1877-277-3228 toll-free.

When The Com Error Occurs?

There can be multiple situations when you can get this error as we have already said that it is a runtime error. However, there are some common scenarios when most of the users face this issue and they are as follow:

  • Sending E- Mail
  • Creating Invoices
  • Entering Bills
  • Paying Bills
  • Running Payroll
  • Sending Forms

How To Resolve The QuickBooks Com Error Crash

There can be various reasons due to which the QuickBooks Crash Com Error but one of the main reason is some corruption in the Windows User account. You can resolve the error by following the below-mentioned steps:

Method 1: Make Outlook The Default Mail Application

  • Open the Control Panel from the Start menu
  • Navigate to the Default Program section and then click on Set Your Default Program.
  • From the list of programs, locate and search MS Outlook.
  • Click on the Select this program as default and then click on OK.

Method 2: In Microsoft Outlook Add Another Email

  • Run Outlook, and from the File menu, click on Add Account option
  • Select Connect option
  • Outlook will automatically detect the correct server settings. You need to click on Connect again
  • Enter the correct email and password and then click on OK.

Note: Adding a Gmail in the email address section may throw an error that says email id and password do not match. You will get a mail from Google stating Review blocked sign-in attempt.

The same mail will have a link stating allowing access to less secure apps. You need to click on that link and you will be redirected to a new tab where you will get a switch on button in front of ‘Allow less secure apps: OFF’. Enter the password again once you are done with it and then click on OK.

If QuickBooks couldn’t detect Outlook then you have to go to Edit > Preference > Send Formand then Preferences tab.Now check if the option to select Outlook is there or not. You also have to restart QuickBooks and your system. If QuickBooks still couldn’t find Outlook in QuickBooks Send Form Preferences then you have to create a new Windows profile.

Method 3: Mail Setting Toggled

  • Open the Control Panel and then go to Mail.
  • Select Microsoft Outlook from the available options.
  • From the Mail Setup window, click on Show Profile.
  • If Outlook is already set up on your system then you can skip above two steps.
  • If the ‘Always use this profile’ is already marked then you need click on the Profile to be used.
  • Click on Select and then Apply.
  • Use this profile to toggle the selection back and then apply.
  • Click on OK to save changes.

Method 4: Make A New Outlook Email Profile

  • Close Microsoft Outlook using the Task Manager.
  • Open the Control Panel and then go to Mail.
  • Open Show Profile option and then click on Add.
  • Provide the name that you want to add in the Outlook Profile and then select OK.
  • You will get some instructions on your screen to add an email account and you have to follow them.
  • From the drop-down list, click on Use this profile option
  • Click on Apply and then click on OK
  • Performing this process will not remove the existing Outlook profile but a new profile will get added.

Get in Touch For Help

The provided solutions will help you in resolving the QuickBooks Com Error Crash and you should be able to perform your tasks easily. However, if you could not resolve the error or you are having some issues while performing the solution steps then you can get an instant solution for your issues by dialing our toll-free QuickBooks Support Phone Number +1877-277-3228. Once you contact us, you will be directly contacted to an official ProAdvisor of QuickBooks who will look into your matter and provide you the required solution.

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