QuickBooks is an astounding accounting software which has made the corporate accounting environment take notice of all the features and tools which can make tasks very easy and fast for everyone. Not only one can manage inventory and cash flow or budget from this software but client data is also very safe with this software.

QuickBooks company files can be accessed from any place. There is no boundation to be in a particular place always to work on it. All the QuickBooks versions are apprehensible by a non-finance person too. Contact QBhelpnumber.com on the toll free number +1877-277-3228. Let us go deeper in to one such doubt related to QuickBooks which is how to deal with an inactive customer.

Process of Making an Inactive Customer Active on QuickBooks

  • The user has to primarily open QuickBooks software on his or her desktop. By opening the QuickBooks software on the Desktop, it will be easier to follow the steps and less tedious too.
  • Go to the home screen and then the user has to choose the customers center tab.
  • After that the user will be seeing a small gear icon. This needs to be selected properly so as to get a more advanced view. The gear icon can be selected on the right hand side of the screen in case the user is unable to locate it.
  • From the gear option, just click select include inactive or deleted customers.
  • After that a report will appear which will show all your QuickBooks inactive customer.
  • Select your clients that the user wants to activate or bring back to QuickBooks. The user needs to see the list properly to choose considering that the software deals with important confidential info and no such user should be activated who can harm the data or the overall software.
  • Now go to the customer profile screen, then the user has to click on it to make it active.
  • After it is confirmed, a message will be received that says customer is now active.

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How to Make an Inactive Customer Active in QuickBooks

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