QuickBooks is an amazing accounting software which has made the business firm accounting environment with its numerous features and tools highly efficient. The regular yet important tasks related to a growing business house become uncomplicated with a software like QuickBooks.

QuickBooks company files can be worked on from any part of the globe. It is not location specific. The best part of QuickBooks is that the user need not be specifically from a finance background to understand it. One can learn the software while working on it. QuickBooks users can contact QBhelpnumber.com on the toll free number +1800-366-1468 which is available round the clock for every user.

Occasionally users can have doubts about certain things in QuickBooks. Let’s discuss about one such doubt.

Steps to Undo an Action in QuickBooks

In case of Transactions

  • Go to the Transactions tab, then go to Banking.
  • Choose the exact bank account that needs to be tracked.
  • After that, go to the QuickBooks tab.
  • Choose the transaction that needs to be undone.
  • After that choose Batch Actions and then select ‘Undo’.

These steps will help in moving the transactions from the QuickBooks tab to the New Transactions tab and will permit the user to either ‘Add or Match’ again smoothly.

Undoing a Data Import 

Go through the bank feed regarding the import. The user needs to go to the bank feed window ‘in Quickbooks’ tab -next to review. Then locate those entries and click undo. Otherwise users can ultimately delete one by one but it will take more time.

Undoing an Add, Match, or Transfer

  • Go to Transactions in the navigation bar. Choose Banking. Then go to Banking, after that go to Bank Feeds.
  • Choose an account from the cards at the top, and after that go to the In QuickBooks tab.
  • Choose the transaction that needs to be undone.
  • Click Undo at the right end of the row. The transaction vanishes from the list and goes back to the New Transactions tab.

Undoing Multiple Transactions

  • Choose the check boxes for the transactions to undo at the left side of every row.
  • Go to the Batch action tab at the top of the table and choose Undo. The transactions vanishes from the list and move back to the New Transactions tab.

Canceling a Preceding Reconciliation and Re-doing it

Removing a reconcile session, get an accountant’s profile. Add yourself as an accountant and then do the amendments.

  • Choose the Gear Icon with your company name.
  • Under the Your Company column, select Manage Users.
  • Choose Invite Accountant.
  • Follow the instructions to add yourself. Once you get the confirmation email, all the reconciliations can be undone.
  • Go to the Gear Icon.
  • Under the Tools column, select Reconcile.
  • Choose the account.
  • Hover your mouse over the inaccurate reconciliation and go to Undo.

QB Help Number team can tell you about the further steps without wasting any of your precious time. Speak to them directly for the advanced steps. Being on the call with them while executing anything will also help in not doing anything that might harm the overall file or the system.

QuickBooks Customer Support – Call +1800-366-1468

Every software has issues and related doubts. No user is immune from them. The best part of QuickBooks is that QBhelpnumber experts are available round the clock for any kind of assistance. Users of QuickBooks can also sign up with them for specific information regarding the software. The toll-free number is +1800-366-1468 and the QuickBooks customer support professionals are at your service round the year at anytime convenient to you for any kind of problem resolution.

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How to Undo in QuickBooks?

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